C/O Marty Nowland
108 Range Rd.
Northwood, NH 03261

Why is this a Men's only Gathering?
Our gathering is designed to encourage bonding and intimacy between men - brothers, sons, fathers, uncles, grandfathers... It is a safe space for men to grow, to learn. and to share with other men. While we have absolutely nothing against women, we prefer to keep the weekend as an experience between men for the sole sake of exploring what it is to be a man. > TOP <

Can I invite other men, and who can I invite?
Yes, please invite other men. Our only stipulation is that any man who attends must be at least 18 years of age or older. > TOP <

What kinds of workshops are offered at the Gathering?
Workshops are given by attendees of the Gathering and may include breathing, Yoga, power tool use, cooking, cognitive behavior, stress management, ropes courses, relationships, etc...  > TOP <

What kind of facilities does the site have?
William Lawrence Camp includes a dining hall, several cabins with bunk beds, two large bathrooms with showers, a meeting hall and library, a large outdoor field for games, and a ropes course. There are also trails onsite, as well as a lake close by. > TOP <

How should I prepare for The Men's Gathering?
GMG is a camping weekend. It is also a weekend of self exploration, sharing, music, art, and friendship. You can chose to bring a tent and camp out, or sleep in one of the many cabins. Some men prefer to cozy up to the fire place in the meeting hall - all sharing space on the floor (enough for about 15). Be prepared for inclement weather. Warm comfortable clothes, a sleeping bag, and a pillow are certainly encouraged. Be prepared with some rain gear, a flashlight, toiletries, and anything you would normally bring for camping. Above all, come as you are and plan to relax and share with other men. Musical instruments, drums, books, artwork, and other items of self expressions are highly encouraged. > TOP <

What kind of food is at the Gathering?
GMG wants to accommodate all palettes. The kitchen is always open, and our rotating kitchen crew strives to make every man feel nourished and well fed. Vegetarian options are always available and each meal is well balanced with protein, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. The kitchen will try to accommodate any special dietary needs. If you have special needs, please indicate them on your registration form, or contact us and let us know how we can accommodate you.
> TOP <

Where do I park my vehicle?
When you arrive at William Lawrence Camp, proceed to your left and park immediately on the left or right. After you have found a cabin, you may drive your vehicle to it to drop off your belongings, but you must then return your vehicle to the designated parking area. > TOP <

Why is opening and closing circle so important?
Both opening and closing circle is a sacred time for introduction and farewells, respectively. At opening circle we come together to meet one another, state our reasons for coming or our intentions for the weekend, and practice a time honored ritual of soul bonding - shaking each man's hand while looking into each other's very essence. Closing circle is a time to regroup after the weekend, make last announcements and reminders, and for each man to reflect on his time at GMG. We close the weekend in a circle, as we started the weekend, to remind ourselves that the circle of life continues, and that we are all bound to it together. > TOP <

What is The Council?
Please go the Council webpage for more information. > TOP <

What/Who is The Vest?
The Vest is a man, chosen by the Council, to serve all other men for the GMG weekend as a support mechanism, a sage, someone to answer questions for anyone new to GMG, and to provide direction for anyone in need. The Vest is chosen on Friday night at opening circle and typically serves as Vest for that one Gathering. The man selected as Vest then embroiders his name onto the vest and returns it to the Council. > TOP <

How do I apply for a scholarship?
Any man who can not afford the cost of the GMG weekend can request a partial or full scholarship, if donated funds are available. There are no pre-requisites for applying for a scholarship. It is our hope that every man who desires to join us, can do so unfettered by the constraints of money. > TOP <

How many men go to GMG, and where do the come from?
GMG typically sees forty to fifty men, and those men come from mainly the New England / North Eastern States. There is absolutely no limit or restriction based on where a man lives or where he comes from. Come as you are, from where ever you are! > TOP <

What should I NOT bring to The GMG?
The men of the GMG do not bring misogyny, misandrogyny, racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, judgment, contempt, resentment, or other hurtful elements. The GMG Weekend is a space of safety, comfort, and peace. Please come only to add to the positivity of this safe vessel. > TOP <

If you have additional questions, please contact us. Thank you!